Napa Fire Department's new safety video burning up social media

Napa's fire department is burning up social media with a new safety video.

It's a rock parody with a fire prevention message.  

"We thought it would be funny if we did the Talking Heads song, "Burning Down the House," explained Napa Fire Marshal Greg Fortune.

"But we did it as "Don't Burn Down Your House."

40 years after the original hit, the fire department spoof features Fortune and his team of fire inspectors and staff.

The lyrics admonish listeners to change batteries in smoke detectors, and cool ashes before dumping them, among other tips.

The cast lip synchs and pretends to jam on guitars, with Fortune handling vocals.

"It was so fun, but originally I was super-reluctant to be part of this," admitted Shuree Egloff, a management analyst for the Fire Department.

In the video, she is one of three back-up dancers, slinging guitars.

"Once the music started playing and we started dancing and we learned the lyrics, it was so easy," said Egloff.

Fortune is a lifelong musician.

"I spent half my life trying to be a rock star," he says, but later in life after parenthood, found a passion for fire prevention.    

"Never turn your back on the stove," he sings in the video, enjoying the combination of both worlds.

Fortune still marvels at how the video came together in a vacant lot, shot in one morning last November.

"The skies were smoky gray, it was during the wildfires and it created the perfect lighting and backdrop," he recalls.

"It all fell into our laps honestly."  

The video was shot and edited on a cell phone by an inspector who plays mock keyboards.

"The shoulder shakes and the moves, that's totally from the original video," said Brandon Veyna, who tried to be faithful to the artists, even mimicking the shadowy faces in the Talking Heads version.

"That was just us in a dark room with a flashlight and a black sheet cut out and we stuck our heads in and went for it," smiled Veyna.

Not sure they would ever share the video, the cast of 7 is thrilled it's getting thousands of views and viewers are expressing appreciation for the safety advice.