Nearly one-third of businesses have experienced more cyberattacks amid pandemic, according to research

Businesses are experiencing more cyberattacks on their IT systems amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to new research from HackerOne, a cybersecurity company and platform.

Out of 1,400 security professionals who were asked by HackerOne about their experiences amid the pandemic, 30% said they saw more attacks on their IT systems as a result of the novel coronavirus, while nearly two-thirds believed their organizations were at a higher risk of experiencing a data breach due to COVID-19.

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“As companies rush to meet remote work requirements and customer demands for digital services, attack surfaces have dramatically expanded, leaving security teams stretched thin and not staffed to cope,” the company said in blog post.

“Additionally, the research showed that 36% or respondents said that digital transformation initiatives were accelerated as a result of the pandemic, while 31% noted that they went through a transformation before they were ready,” HackerOne said. 

“A quarter of respondents also said that their budgets have increased as a result of the pandemic as businesses have recognized the importance of security at this time,” according to the company. “A further 66% believe the COVID-19 pandemic will cause their organization to improve their information security posture.”

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Lockdown orders and stay-at-home guidelines enacted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic have pushed many individuals to work remotely using digital tools. Video conferencing, in particular, has helped friends and family keep in touch while separated during the crisis. 

But consumers are now at risk of coronvirus-related scams, many of which are conducted online. The Federal Trade Commission offers suggestions on how to keep safe from digital threats and other potential scams amid the pandemic.