New details emerge over deadly crash at U.S.-Canada border

The FBI said late Wednesday night that they have concluded their investigation into the fiery car crash at the U.S.-Canada border near Niagara Falls that claimed the lives of a husband and wife from the western part of New York State.

The FBI said in a statement posted online that they found no evidence of any explosives or connections to any terrorist groups.  

Video from border security cameras shows a white car speeding toward the Rainbow Bridge border crossing, hitting a curb, and then flying up into the air, twisting sideways.

"About 30 feet from me, I seen something airborne. I first thought it was an airplane. It looked like slow motion. I said, ‘My God, it's a car. It's a vehicle, and it's flying through the air,'" said Rickie Wilson, a Niagara Falls tour guide who was in his car nearby.

The car crashed and burst into flames just east of the main Niagara Falls border checkpoint.

"Then all of a sudden I saw black smoke and then fire. There was no explosion, just the black smoke," said Wilson, "I just couldn't believe what I was seeing, it was like something in Hollywood."

It happened about 11:30 a.m. Wednesday Eastern Standard Time.

Security concerns prompted officials to shut down three other New York border crossings for several hours. The governor later announced there was no evidence it was a terrorist attack.

"Based on the preliminary investigation, no sign of terrorist activity in this horrific explosion that occurred here in Western New York," said Gov. Hochul.

One border worker in a booth had minor injuries and was taken to a hospital, treated and then released.

Hochul says the car was incinerated, with nothing left but the engine and debris across about a dozen booths at the checkpoint where the driver crashed.

Wilson says another witness who drives a taxi saw the man in the white car speeding.

"The guy who drives a cab here thinks he was going 100 miles an hour coming down the street here," said Wilson.

The FBI late Wednesday night said it has handed over the case to the Niagara Falls Police Department as a traffic investigation.