Passengers jump off runaway Muni bus in Daly City: Firsthand account

Passengers onboard a runaway Muni bus jumped off in fear of their lives in Daly City on Thursday. 

It happened around 4 p.m. Witnesses said the 14 Mission bus pulled up to a stop and the bus driver got off to inspect the door. Passenger Anne Kenney told us she got on the bus at where the bus was stopped and within seconds, the 14 started moving. 

Initially, Kenney said she thought the driver was in his seat, but he wasn't. He was outside. 

"I thought somebody was driving the bus, but when everyone started screaming ‘Get off the bus! Get off the bus!’ There were about six people who jumped off," said Kenney. 

Muni confirmed on social media that the bus crashed near the intersection of Mission and Flournoy streets. 

Kenney said one person who jumped needed treatment from medics. She also said the driver could be seen nearby appearing distraught. 


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