People allowed to return to some evacuated areas of Sonoma County

SkyFOX on Thursday, August 20, 2020 over the fires burning near the Sonoma County coast.

Evacuation orders in the Armstrong Woods and Dry Creek areas near Guerneville in Sonoma County have been downgraded to evacuation "warnings," from evacuation "orders," and residents are allowed to return to those areas at their own risk, the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department said Sunday night.

One downgraded evacuation zone is north of Mill Creek Road, west of Dry Creek (the actual creek) and Westside Road, south of Chemise Road and east of the burn area. Another is north of Sweetwater Springs Road, west of Westside Road, south of Mill Creek Road and east of the burn area. The third is north of the Russian River to the burn area, west of Westside Road, south of Sweetwater Springs Road and east of Armstrong Woods Road and Sweetwater Springs Road.

Residents living on Sweetwater Springs Road will have to report to the traffic control point at Armstrong Woods Road to make access. Residents will need to show proof of residency to make entry. No one living east of 17990 Sweetwater Spring Road, or north of 16881 Armstrong Woods Road, will be able to make access as of 6 p.m. Sunday.

All other areas under evacuation order were still closed Sunday night, the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department said.