Rohnert Park police launch anti-hate campaign in honor of Pride Month

Rohnert Park police Safe Space logo.

In honor of June being Pride Month, the Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety launched an anti-hate campaign, where businesses, schools and community organizations can designate themselves as an official safe space for the LGBTQ+ community.   

Under the Safe Space anti-hate campaign, police will hand out decals to organizations and businesses that agree to provide a space for anyone who feels threatened by a hate incident near their premises.     

By displaying the Safe Space decal on their windows, these organizations are signifying that they will call or assist people in calling 911 during a hate crime, allow victims to enter their property until police arrive, and they will assist police in reporting all details about hate crimes if they see them.


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"As the City Manager, my duty is to make certain that our communities have access to the most comprehensive resources and programs to lead thriving lives," said Rohnert Park City Manager Marcela Piedra. "Their safety and welfare are at the forefront of our mission. The Safe Space anti-hate program is just one initiative that we can implement in Rohnert Park that not only symbolizes that our city will not tolerate violence of this kind but also puts this principle into tangible action by protecting our people and holding the person who perpetrates the action accountable."   

Residents interested in enrolling in the program can request a decal in person at the police department at 500 City Center Drive or online.