San Francisco Flower Mart welcomes busy Valentine's Day weekend

Valentine's Day weekend means a big demand for flowers. Florists in the Bay Area say  despite the nationwide conversations regarding supply chain issues, local customers have nothing to worry about.

Valentine's Day is only second to Mother's Day when it comes to the highest demand for flowers at the San Francisco Flower Mart. Busy, is an understatement. The Mart serves as a wholesale retailer to a number of local flower shops. 

"We haven't had some of the supply issues that the East Coast or Midwest have had," said Jeanne Boes, general manager of the Flower Mart. "Weather or labor, or whatever is causing those things, as you go through our market this morning you'll see there are plenty of flowers."

You may notice prices for a bouquet to be a little higher than any other weekend, but there's a simple explanation for that.

"Every holiday, they raise prices a little bit," said Raul Duenas. He is the key account manager for Rafa's Wholesale Flowers, located inside the market. "There are flowers for all kinds of budgets."

People stocking shelves for their own stores say there have been some minor delays in deliveries, but no shortages.

"There has been a little delay in shipments, but we have been able to get products," said Vanessa Lovato, owner of Polk Street Florists. "We have product. We have noticed an increase in demand in flowers since COVID."

Demand is even higher this weekend since some businesses are ordering arrangements to host Super Bowl parties. What you might struggle to find - glass vases.

"The supply chain hiccups we are seeing is for some of the hard goods that florists and flower designers use," said Boes. "Vases, tools and wires, things that typically come from China. There's a delay in that."

The SF Flower Mart will open Sunday and Monday at 8 a.m. to the public.