San Francisco swears in new leadership for sheriff, district attorney

A busy day in San Francisco as the city welcomes a new sheriff, new district attorney, and welcomes back Mayor London Breed. All three seem focused on the future. 

Mayor Breed took the oath of office under the dome of City Hall with hundreds in attendance and even a surprise performance by Carlos Santana.

Breed said she's focused on facilitating the building of 50,000 new homes to help end the housing crunch and ultimately resolve the city's homelessness crisis. 

"Homelessness isn't just a problem, it's a symptom," said Mayor Breed. "The symptom of unaffordable housing, income inequality, of institutional racism, of addiction, of untreated illnesses, of decades of disinvestment. These are the problems, and if we want to fight homelessness we've got to fight them all." 

The city and county's first Asian American sheriff also took the oath of office. 

Sheriff Paul Miyamoto is looking forward to leading a department with discipline and compassion. "

As the department moves forward, you can expect more of this from my staff and myself," said Sheriff Miyamoto. "Care, compassion and collaboration."

San Francisco also swearing in a new District Attorney, Chesa Boudin, a veteran of the public defender's office. Boudin said his background with the office makes him uniquely suited to make sure the adversarial process to seek justice is carried out. 

"There are some cases where we will inevitably have an adversarial position," said Boudin. "We'll be seeking different outcomes, making different recommendations to the judge. There are other cases, and there are many cases where we work better together."

Boudin says his office will be focused on ending the cash bail system. 
Refocusing the office to prioritize crime that most impacts the city, working to address racial disparities and resolving long-pending cases.