Santa Clara County hospital vaccinates 6,000 people each day

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center is inoculating more than 6,000 residents each day with COVID vaccines, officials said Friday. 

The hospital is administering the doses at multiple vaccination sites around the county. 

The County of Santa Clara Health System alone has already given 32,352 first doses and 6,594 second doses to those eligible healthcare workers and individuals age 75 and older in the county as of Thursday. 

Health leaders said the county is on track to vaccine more than 30,000 residents each week based on current vaccine availability and the number of patients the county has the capacity to vaccinate. 

"Together we can help change the course of the pandemic as we wait to reach a high level of vaccine coverage and protection throughout our community," said County of Santa Clara Supervisor Otto Lee. Adding, "Together we will see the end of this pandemic."

In line with the state's priority framework, Santa Clara County is only giving the vaccine to eligible healthcare workers under Phase 1A people ages 75 and older. Kaiser is offering the vaccine for those who are 65 and older.