Small businesses in San Francisco welcome back customers for curbside pickup

Most of San Francisco's businesses are now able to open their doors. Businesses say they're happy to reopen their doors, and city leaders say they're already looking forward to the next phase of reopenings.

Some San Francisco shops are open for business, albeit with some changes; no customers inside, curbside pickup and delivery only.  

Christian Routzen at apparel store San Franpsycho said the doors are open and customers are beginning to come back.

"We've had a couple of early sales so far, and that feels good," said Routzen. "Feels good to have people respond to opening."

Green Apple Books was also was happy to welcome customers back, to pick up curbside as a supplement to their online sales.

"So, we've been selling a lot of books on our website, and shipping them out," said one Green Apple Books worker. "But, it's great to be able to have people that we recognize that are regulars, you know, and coming and picking them up. We appreciate the safe gentle loosening."

San Francisco's mayor was on hand to celebrate the reopening of Green Apple. The mayor said starting Monday customers can really begin supporting local businesses. She spoke earlier in the day about the possibility of allowing some customers to begin entering stores again, and even reopening businesses with more personal contact, such as nail and hair salons. .

The mayor said the city will follow the science, but she understands the desire to move quickly. "We appreciate that there's curbside pickup at retail, but you know, for most of us, like when I go buy my candles, I want to walk in there and I want to look around even if I can't touch something," said Mayor London Breed.

Director of Public Health, Dr. Grant Colfax said that San Franciscans can determine how and when the businesses reopen with the choices they make about begin COVID-19 smart.

"I think one of the key things is we need to ensure that as much as possible-- the masking and social distancing, because if we can keep the virus under control at this stage, the next stage will occur sooner," said Dr. Colfax.

The reopening is part of a two-week experiment. city leaders will be looking to see if the numbers of those with coronavirus begins to creep up. If numbers remain steady city leaders are hoping that by as early as June 1, customers may be allowed back into some stores.