Steve Kerr's Doppelganger makes special visit to Warriors game

Steve Kerr has a Doppelgänger, and he's just 10 years old.

Donning a number 25 Bulls jersey, Sam Waltman made a special visit to meet the Warriors coach Tuesday before the game against the Hornets.

They call him ‘Steve’ back home in Utah, the Associated Press reported. His teachers, friends, everyone, calls him ‘Steve.’

During the pre-game press briefing, Kerr reportedly thanked Sam and his dad for coming and called him up to the podium. Kerr jokingly asked if he played him for Halloween, and Sam nodded. 

Photos from the briefing show Kerr signing gear for Sam and his dad. They walked away with a signed Cleveland Cavaliers NBA card and signed Bulls jersey.

Kerr wore number 25 when he played for the Cavs in the 80s, and the Bulls in the 90s. He became coach of the Warriors in 2014.