'They took everything': Fremont breakfast cafe burglarized

A homestyle breakfast restaurant in Fremont's Niles district was business as usual on Friday after thieves burglarized the eatery the previous day.

Priscilla Bravo, owner of Skillet'z Cafe, said she received a phone call Thursday morning from her manager alerting her about the break-in.

"They broke that door, that whole window, and they kicked our doors down from the back. They basically took the safe full of money," said Bravo. "A box full of checks. Our cash register was broken with all the money that was in there, they didn't even leave a quarter."


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She said she didn't know how many perpetrators there were or the exact point of entry as multiple doors were kicked in.

"They took everting we work so hard for!!!" the business said on social media.

While grappling with a range of emotions, from sadness to anger, Bravo said that there are more pressing issues, though she feels violated.

"There's other bigger issues in this world. But this kind of sucks because as a business owner. Anyone (who) has a business, they know that you work seven days a week. We don't have time off. I work every single day. So for someone to just come invade our space, it's kind of heartbreaking," she said.

Bravo mentioned that neighboring businesses were also burglarized. 

She's thankful that no one was injured during the burglary at her business.

Despite the setback, the restaurant attracted a steady stream of customers on Friday.