Thieves slam into Alameda gas station to steal ATM

A burglar used a truck to crash into the Aisle 1 gas station market and steal an ATM, leaving glass and food items all over the ground.

An employee told KTVU that it happened around 4:30 a.m. on Friday, just before the store was set to open. 

The gas station is in the Bridgeside Shopping Center on the corner of Blanding Avenue and Tilden Way.  

"You can see the spot where they ripped it out. And the cashier, he was telling me the guys backed the truck in through the door, hooked a cable around it and then just yanked it out and took off," said Joshua Parshey. 

Parshey and other customers said they hear about crimes like this happening too often all over the Bay Area.

"I’m not surprised. It seems like it’s happening every other day," said Steve Amato. "I'm just tired of it."


Safe left near freeway off-ramp after predawn Oakland jewelry-store burglary

Thieves used a chain attached to a van to drag out a large safe from an Oakland jewelry store early Thursday but ended up leaving the safe behind as police closed in.

"It’s kind of sad to say, but it’s starting to be the norm around here. I mean yesterday they had the jewelry store robbery and now this right here," said Parshey.

A similar burglary happened Thursday at a jewelry store in Oakland, where criminals used a chain to yank a safe out and drag it. They eventually left it in the street when police started closing in. 

An employee told KTVU the ATM ended up across the bridge near an encampment in Oakland, although police have not confirmed what was taken or where it ended up. 

"You go right across the bridge out here, and you’ll see about 10 stolen cars every day, so it has to trickle in over here eventually, it’s not going to just stay on that side," said Parshey.