Video captures familiar turkey with a habit of chasing one woman’s car

A turkey in Michigan seems to have a fascination with one woman after chasing her car two years in a row.

The woman captured video of the turkey chasing her car in late April. Thing is, the woman said the same turkey ran after her the year before in a church parking lot.

No word on why the turkey is attracted to the woman or her car.

It’s not the first turkey chase caught on camera.

In 2019, a video went viral of a turkey chasing a postal truck in Wisconsin.

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"OK, seriously, this turkey has been stalking the mail truck throughout the entire neighborhood," Sherry Michaels of Waukesha County posted on Facebook. "Oh my gosh, this is so funny."

The postal worker, Jeff Byrne, told WISN-TV he’s been aware of the bird since the summer. Byrne has worked for the post office for 20 years but said it's the first time he's had a turkey follow his truck.

"He didn't pay me any attention at all in the first couple of months. He's acquainted himself quite well with the truck, and now he's started to follow me," Byrne said.

FOX News contributed to this report. This story was reported from Los Angeles.