VIDEO: Shoplifters run off with piles of clothes from Hilltop Mall Sears

Video of shoplifters running out of a Sears store at Richmond's Hilltop Mall with loads of clothes has gone viral. 

The video posted to Twitter Tuesday by user @V1CK_Mendoza shows thieves running through the department store with their arms piled high with clothing. 

Police said four women and one man entered the Sears store around 5 p.m. and started grabbing clothes. 

As the group tries to dash out the store, a security officer can be seen in the video attempting to intervene, and grabbing a man in a teal hoodie. That's when the man, in turn, strikes the security guard. After a brief tussle, the guard ended up on the ground and the thieves made it out the store with about $500 worth of clothes, police said. 

The video exploded on Twitter gaining 6 million views and a bunch of questions about the theft, largely around why the thieves even targeted a Sears store. 

The department store had it's glory days and was a one-stop-shop for just about everything, but struggled to adjust to changing retail trends and filed for bankruptcy in 2018.