VIDEO: Woman busted by Walnut Creek police for stealing plants on 6 different occasions

People steal all kinds of things whether it be for the fun of it, monetary gain, or some sort of compulsive addiction (kleptomania). A 64-year-old woman was busted last Tuesday by Walnut Creek police for stealing plants. 

In September, the Walnut Creek Police Department received reports from two businesses regarding the theft of newly planted landscaping from their parking lot areas, authorities say. 

Officers reviewed surveillance video of the alleged incidents and identified Kim Elizabeth Murphy of Clayton as the culprit in six thefts.

After police issued a warrant for her arrest, Murphy struck again, committing another theft at one of the locations

She was arrested last Tuesday for 6 counts of petty theft and confessed to stealing plants on seven different occasions at the two locations, as well as one location in Clayton, police said.

Murphy also admitted to police that she has stolen landscaping plants about 20 times over the past several months in Walnut Creek, Concord, and Clayton.