WATCH: Camel goes through In-N-Out drive-thru in Las Vegas

A Nevada man is going viral after he brought a rescue camel through an In-N-Out drive-thru in Las Vegas last week. 

Video recorded by Key News Network shows Fergie the 12-year-old camel waiting patiently in line with her handler Brandon Nobles. The scene drew laughter from both customers and restaurant employees. Many can be seen sneaking pictures of Fergie as the two make their way down the lane. 

French fries "are Fergie's favorite," Nobles said as they approach the service window. 

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After the pair secure their French fry order and continue into the parking lot, a crowd gathered to admire Fergie and ask Nobles questions.

Fergie came from Colorado, Nobles said, to an animal rescue called Jeffry's Farm, after not getting along well at her previous home. "She's very acclimated to the heat" in Las Vegas, Nobles said.

Last week's antics were not the first time Fergie's visited local businesses. On Nobles' Instagram account, @jeffrys_farm, Fergie can be seen visiting a Bass Pro Shop, a Wendy's and an Einstein Bros. Bagels.