Woman confronted by masked intruders at Oakland home

A resident came face to face with intruders who busted into her Oakland home on Monday. 

A masked man approached the home on Grand View Drive in the Hiller Highlands neighborhood around 7:30 a.m. 

He started with a knock at the door before he peeked through a window to see if anyone was inside, surveillance video shows. 

After not getting an answer the first time, he began knocking repeatedly. 

Less than two minutes later, the suspect returned with a second man. 

After the suspects realized they were being recorded, they moved the surveillance camera's position. 

Then they smashed through a glass panel, turned the deadbolt lock and went inside. 

The woman who lives at the home heard the alarm system going off and went to see what was going on. 

That's when she was confronted by one of the men at gunpoint. 

She locked herself in a bedroom and called 911. 

Officers converged on the neighborhood, posted in front yards and on balconies with their guns at ready. 

But the intruders were gone. 

A resident who lives in the area has also been victimized. 

John Spack said, "It's sad. I don't understand. I just think we need the police department up here patrolling." 

Neighbors said it's the third home burglary in the past year. They said all the homes that were targeted didn't have gates protecting the front door.