Berkeley peregrine falcon chicks recieve ID bands, naming begins

It's a big day for the four tiny peregrine falcons growing up on top of UC Berkeley's campanile. Today the chicks got some new bling, whether they liked it or not. Just three weeks after they hatched, researchers made their way to the nest on top of the clocktowner and put special identification bands on one of each of the chicks' legs. Members of the volutneer group Cal Falcons say today's banding was a great success and revealed that two of the chicks are female and two are male. Their parents are Annie, the famous peregrine falcon who has lived in the campanile nest since 2016 and her new mate who arrived earlier this year who has been named Archie by their loyal falcon fanbase. KTVU's Alex Savidge is joined by Sean Peterson, Cal Falcons biologist for more on banding day and the naming competition now underway.

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