24-Hour Fitness members in Vallejo may have had TB exposure, health officials say

VALLEJO (BCN) -- Solano County Public Health is looking for members of the 24-Hour Fitness gym in Vallejo who may have been exposed to tuberculosis.

A man who is a member and frequent patron of the gym at 4300 Sonoma Blvd. may have exposed others during the last week in May, Deputy Public Health Officer Michael Stacey said. Gym staff is compiling the names of those who were in the gym at the same time.

The man's family and others who had close contact with him were advised to get tested for TB, Stacey said.

The serious, treatable and slow growing bacterial disease is transmitted person to person through microscopic droplets in the air from coughing, sneezing, talking or singing by a person with active TB disease.

Not everyone who contacts TB becomes sick, Stacey said.

The individual with TB is receiving treatment, there is no ongoing risk of TB infection from the individual at this time and it is safe to visit the 24-hour Fitness gym, according to Solano County Public Health.