3 Mountain View High School students arrested; threatened school shooting on social media

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On Monday, three Mountain View High School students were arrested and are now facing serious charges after they threatened a terrorist-like shooting at their school. Students said they posted the threats on the popular social media site Snapchat.
School is a place where kids should feel safe but on Monday, some students said they felt unsafe and uneasy after three seniors posted a Snapchat message over the weekend threatening to "shoot up" the school.
"Why would they do this in the first place?," said Sophomore Marco Torres. "Clearly there's going to be consequences. It's concerning as well."
Police said a student alerted authorities Sunday night. They then interrogated the three juveniles at police headquarters, searched their homes and booked them for making threats as well as conspiracy to commit a crime.
"It was definitely alarming," said Mountain View Police Spokeswoman Katie Nelson. "It made us immediately act and make contact with them. You have to be very careful what you say and how you say it on social media."
Police said the threats are not tied to the creepy clown hysteria, but that they take all threats seriously. The principal sent a letter to the school community and beefed up security.
"We had some increased police presence today that were on the perimeter of the school," said Principal David Grissom. "More than that it doesn't appear to be a credible threat at this time."
Parents called it a warning and a wake-up call.
"I was shocked to see it and then I thought if it actually happened and it upset me," said Parent Michelle Hansen.
Students said another Snapchat message revealed it was meant as a joke. Torres knows two of the students personally, calling them leaders at the school.
"One of them ran for ASB last year, one of them is a good singer in Madrigals which is the top choir," said Torres. "It's surprising to see how leaders could fall down like this."
Police said three students could face jail time and those charges will remain on their record.