49ers Reuben Foster's ex-girlfriend again recants abuse: 'I wanted to ruin his career'

The ex-girlfriend of San Francisco 49er Reuben Foster testified Thursday against the advice of her council that she lied about domestic abuse allegations against the linebacker. Additionally, she admitted to stealing from him.

Elissa Ennis, 28, said she got into a fight with two women in San Francisco the night before Foster’s Feb. 11 arrest, producing injuries she later told police were caused by Foster. She told the judge she threatened Foster’s career because she was mad he broke up with her. 

“I was full of rage. I wanted to f*** his s*** up,” Ennis said during her emotional two-hour testimony. “I wanted to end him. I wanted to ruin his career. I’m sorry. I apologize to everyone.”

She said the fight was captured on a cellphone and posted to Instagram, but the video has not yet surfaced. 

Ennis’ initial allegations were that Foster, 24, dragged her by her hair, physically threw her out of the house and punched her in the head 8 to 10 times on Feb. 10, leaving her with a ruptured ear drum. Foster was arrested Feb. 11. Before the judge, Ennis again recanted her original story, admitting it was all a lie. He has plead not guilty to the felony domestic charges

“This was all a plot to get money from him [Foster],” said Ennis, who cried in court while describing Foster breaking up with her.

Ennis admitted to stealing $8,000 and some jewelry from Foster, including two Rolex watches. Just before Ennis left the stand, after she finished nearly two hours of testimony, she admitted to being arrested in 2011 for a false claim of domestic abuse against a boyfriend that broke up with her. In court she said she told Foster “tomorrow you won’t have a job.” 

“This was some very raw, emotional testimony and it was very unusual to see a victim get on the stand like that and just completely say she lied to the police,” said legal analyst Steven Clark, who is not party to the case. “The DA’s office is going to have a lot to think about with whether they can move forward at this point.”

And Ennis’ choice to testify Thursday was against the advice of her attorney. He wanted her to plead the fifth, but she took the stand anyway and admitted she lied and committed felony theft. Deciding to admit that against her lawyer’s advice provides credibility to her testimony, according to Clark. 

“This was a great morning for Mr. Foster,” said Clark. “It went about as good as it could go.”

Clark does not believe that the district attorney’s office will press charges against Ennis for lying, nor does he believe Foster will press charges against Ennis for the theft. The judge in the case will review the evidence and make a ruling on the domestic violence May 23.

Ennis left the courthouse in tears and refused answer the media’s questions. Foster was additionally charged with possession of an assault weapon in Feb. 11 arrest. The 49ers said in an email to KTVU that there's no change to Reuben Foster's status, which includes no participation with the team.