6-weeks later, Pearl Pinson's family still looking for answers

It's been a little more than six weeks since 15-year-old Pearl Pinson was abducted in Vallejo, and investigators say they still don't know what has happened to her.
We spoke with pearl's family and talked about the anguish they face every day since her kidnapping.
Pearl Pinson's mother, father and older sister took us to the foot bridge over highway 780 in Vallejo. It's where Pearl was abducted and last seen.
Investigators found her cell phone and some blood on the bridge.
"It's hard going to sleep at night. I have nightmares about where she could be. Every morning waking up is hard," said Rose Pinson, Pearl's 17-year-old sister.
Pearl was a freshman on her way to Jesse Bethel High School on the morning of May 25th.
A witness reported seeing an armed man pulling pearl toward the bridge. People reported hearing a gunshot.

The next day, 19-year-old Fernando Castro, the man authority’s suspect was the abductor, died in a police shootout in Santa Barbara County, but no sign of Pearl.

Pearl's family says they never heard the name Fernando Castro before the abduction. They say he lived about a half mile from them but they don't think Pearl knew him.

"Knowing he's dead is upsetting. Where are our answers? Where is our loved one at," said Rose.

The bridge has become a growing memorial to Pearl.   The family has been putting up signs, printing flyers, anything they can think of to keep Pearl's face in public view.

"I always have my phone on. I'm checking it twice every 10 minutes seeing if there are any missed calls or text messages from her," said Rose.

The family says Pearl liked helping people and she talked about becoming a firefighter or a veterinarian someday.

Now they just want to find her. They say their anguish gets worse each day.

"I'm praying she be brought ‘em safe. But if it is the worst possible outcome I’d at least like to know where she's at so we can put her to rest," said Pearl's  father James Pinson.
"I know she will be brought home safe. I have that sister vibe," said Rose.

Pearl Pinson’s family is asking anyone with any information about what happened to call 9-1-1 or the Solano County Sheriff's Department at 707-784-1963.