72-year-old Indiana truck driver recovering after being shot in Oakland

A truck driver from Indiana is now recuperating from life- threatening injuries he suffered after being shot in Oakland when his big-rig was being broken into.

Family members say 72-year-old Lloyd Jerry Matson Sr. is heavily medicated, but in stable condition as he recuperates at Highland Hospital.

They say he's undergone three surgeries and suffered two infections after being shot in the stomach area, but that he is improving.

According to Matson’s family, the gunshot wound narrowly missed a main artery, almost killing him.
"He's doing quite well considering what he's been through," said Janet Matson, the truck driver's wife.

What Matson went through his family says is a scary ordeal.

On December 15th, he arrived at the Oakland Coliseum to deliver a generator for a football game the next day.
"He's delivered to the Coliseum several time and always been able to park inside the gated area," said his wife.

But this time, the truck driver of 43 years says the security guard wouldn't allow him to park inside the Coliseum gate while there was a concert underway.

Matson says the guard directed him to come back the next morning and told him to park across Interstate 880 at 66th and Oakport off Coliseum property.

Matson's wife say he parked there as instructed and went to sleep. It was around 10 p.m. when he was awakened.

"He felt the truck shake and then he heard glass breaking. He got up and it was somebody with a gun pounding on the driver side window," said his wife.

Matson said he recalled his training as a U.S. Marine.

He lunged when the intruder broke the truck window with the butt of a .45 caliber gun.

"He had a hole in the window. He stuck his hand and he shot," said Janet.

Matson said the man fired one shot that left a hole in the driver's seat. It struck the truck driver in the stomach area and travelled down to his thigh.

"It's very upsetting,” said Chris Dobbins, a Coliseum Authority board member.

He said truckers making deliveries are allowed to stay overnight inside the gate.

Access is not allowed only at the start or end of an event because of traffic congestion.

"Our team is going to investigate and look at the video cameras and see exactly what happened," said Dobbins.

"I'm upset. This wouldn't have happen if he had been inside the gate," said Janet.

The Matsons celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in November.

Janet says she's just glad her husband is alive.

"I was sad at first and then I got mad. Now I'm just accepting things. Just take him home and love him," said Matson.

For them, home is a small farming community of Auburn in Indiana.

Matson faces rehabilitation and it's not clear when the couple will be able to go home.

A gofundme account has been set up to help with the family’s expenses.