After In-N-Out announces closure, Oakland mayor says more needs to be done to combat crime

Days after Oakland's only In-N-Out fast food restaurant announced it was closing because of all the break-ins and crime in the area, Mayor Sheng Thao acknowledged that despite putting more police officers along the Hegenberger Road corridor, more needs to be done. 

"As mayor, I have prioritized this critical gateway to Oakland," Thao said in a statement sent to KTVU on Tuesday, adding that she added police presence and employed technology "to deter and respond to criminal behavior." 

Specifically, two officers were assigned to patrol along Hegenberger Road and 90th Avenue. Both officers were tasked with focusing on shopping center and gas station security. In addition, Oakland poice have three cameras placed to monitor activity in this area. 

As a result, Thao said that there has been a reduction in property crimes along Hegenberger, which leads to the airport. But, she admitted, it's not enough.

"More is necessary," Thao said. "And I will be working with regional and state leaders to protect this tourist gateway into Oakland."

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that since 2019, police have logged 1,335 incidents near In-N-Out on 8300 Oakport Street — more than any other location in Oakland. That number includes nine robberies, two commercial burglaries, four domestic violence incidents and 1,174 car break-ins, according to Oakland police data. 

Although In-N-Out said it’s been a profitable location for 18 years, the company said they just can’t ask their employees or customers to work and visit an unsafe environment. On Sunday, the company said it would be closing their only Oakland location on March 24. 

Thao's office also provided statistics to show that property crime on Hegenberger trended downward at the end of 2023, showing car break-ins were down 43% from 308 incidents to 176 incidents, and thefts were down by 49%.