San Francisco threatens lawsuit over Oakland airport name change

The city of San Francisco on Monday threatened a lawsuit against Oakland's port commissioners if they change the airport name to "San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport" – an attempt to lure more travelers to the East Bay city, which has also garnered criticism because of the inevitable confusion it will cause. 

Sideshows sweep across Bay Area, land on Bay Bridge

One person was injured in a string of sideshows that took place in at least four cities across the Bay Area Saturday night into Sunday morning, the Mountain View Police Department confirmed to KTVU.

Oakland A's departure raises questions about Coliseum's future

As the Oakland A's prepare to leave the Oakland Coliseum and relocate to Sacramento, developers and the Oakland Roots soccer team continued discussions about the impact of the early departure, and future access to the 120-acre complex.

Sacramento baseball fans and businesses welcome A's

Oakland A's baseball fans in the Sacramento region were excited and hopeful to hear Oakland A's owner John Fisher announce at a news conference Thursday, that the Athletics are moving their home base to West Sacramento for the next three seasons.

Oakland program bridges gap between Black community and law enforcement

In the heart of East Oakland, a modest building bearing the sign "Ok Program of Oakland" stands as a beacon of hope. Despite its unassuming appearance, this organization harbors profound intentions – to mend the rift between law enforcement and the Black community.

Person found on fire in Oakland

A person was hospitalized on Tuesday afternoon after they were found on fire in Oakland, police said.