Alameda's Bay Farm Middle School set to close

Some parents in Alameda are pushing back on a potential plan to close Bay Farm Middle School. 

The school district held a virtual town hall meeting on Wednesday and heard comments from parents, teachers, and students about the plans to close that school.

Parents who have children with special needs say the school is a better option because it has smaller class sizes.

District officials say enrollment at Bay Farm has been declining and that money could be spent better elsewhere.

"I won't dispute that a smaller environment might be beneficial for some people," said Supt. Pasquale Scuderi. "And I'd love to offer everything that every student in general, and those with IEP needs, in terms of the support." 

But he said that because of under enrollment, that's just not possible.

The Alameda school board is set to vote on whether to close the close on Feb. 14. If the vote is yes, the closure could happen as soon as the next school year.