Traffic plan for safer streets approved by Alameda City Council

Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan's traffic accident death perhaps put a public face on a plan approved by the city council this week; aimed at making Alameda's most dangerous streets and intersections safer for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Nearly 80 Alameda County freeway shootings in the last year: CHP

As the community mourns the tragic death of a nearly 2-year-old boy, killed by a stray bullet on Interstate 880 in Oakland, the California Highway Patrol offered even more sobering statistics: There have been 76 freeway shootings in Alameda County in the last 12 months.

Alameda parents lose their only child when suspected drunk driver runs stop sign

Nickolas Bianchi worked at the local golf course in Alameda and would stop by his parents home for lunch and to say hi. The 27-year-old was struck and killed by a suspected drunk driver who blew through a stop sign. His parents, Les and Evie are absolutely devastated to have lost their only child. KTVU FOX 2's Henry Lee reports.