Almost all properties flooded by Coyote Creek cleared for re-entry

Nearly all properties flooded by Coyote Creek are now cleared for reentry, according to a statement by the City of San Jose.

Three properties in the Williams Street Park area are the only exception, and have been red-tagged for structural damage. Residents may not reenter those homes until a structural engineering evaluation or repairs are made. 

The city reminds residents to reenter their properties with caution and follow the safety checklist "Reentering a Flooded Property" found on the city website.

There are restrictions to reenter some properties. Director of Planning, Building and Code Enforcement, Harry Freitas, says, "Each structure is green-tagged, yellow-tagged, or red-tagged and those tags indicate whether or not the property is ready to be occupied". 

A green tag means a property is safe to enter and occupy but minor repairs may still be needed. A yellow tag indicates the property can be entered with restricted use per the comments on the tag, and electric and gas utilities may not be turned on. A red tag means the property is structurally unsafe and closed to entry. 

State inspectors are handling the tagging of mobile home parks along Old Oakland Road and the city does not have individual unit information for mapping. 

There is free taxi transportation for flood victims by calling Yellow Cab at 408-777-7777 from the Seven Trees Shelter or the Local Assistance Center. Provide the driver with the Account #1421 to cover the fee.