Animal care workers rescue frightened deer with head stuck in jar for days

She was making the rounds on the internet -- a distressed deer, first spotted last week had been seen numerous times roaming around a Long Island neighborhood with her head stuck in a plastic container. 

Worried residents began posting about the deer's whereabouts amid heightened concerns that the animal had not had water or food for days.

On Monday, animal rescue workers and local authorities took action, after hearing of a sighting.  

"We knew that time was of the essence and we had to get this jar off its face, this bucket," Frankie Floridia with Strong Island Animal Rescue League told FOX 5 NY. "She may not have survived five days without eating, drinking. I knew I had to act then," he added.

Floridia and his team found the animal in a resident's backyard and cornered and contained her. 

The animal was clearly terrified and wanted to bolt, but Floridia managed to tackle her and hold her down as he pulled the jar off her head.

Video shows the frightened animal then scramble to escape and Floridia is heard calling out, "Let it go! Let it go!"

The deer is expected to be okay, and animal care workers say the recent cold weather in the area may have helped the her survive, preventing her from overheating. 

The plastic orange bucket dislodged from the animal's head was a large pretzel jar, and animal care workers said the incident was a reminder to residents to properly dispose of recyclables and other larger containers in areas where animals are nearby.

Just two weeks ago, Strong Island Animal Rescue came to the aid of raccoon that had gotten a peanut butter jar stuck on its head.

"Please dispose of your recyclables the proper way," Floridia said. "Cut them up, break them down, make sure nothing will stick their face in there."