Artists transforming boarded-up storefronts in San Francisco into murals

Closed and boarded up storefronts are a common sight around San Francisco and now some business owners and artists are using that space to create murals.

The pandemic has forced businesses throughout San Francisco to close their doors and board their windows.

Now, organizations such as "Paint the Void" are raising money to pay artists to transform those boards into showcases.

"Just bringing some beauty to the neighborhood hopefully," said muralist Nicole Hayden.

The idea is to connect artists like Hayden with shopkeepers.

"For this particular company, Dish, which is a beautiful clothing store they looked at some of my Instagram pictures and liked this one mural I'd done in Mexico," Hayden.

The murals range in size style and substance. Some tying in with the business they adorn, like those on Mike's Barber Shop and Zip Zap Hair Salon. Others are simply flights of fancy.

Hayden said she's done five storefronts, the pandemic serving as an inspiration for many of them.

"Other pieces I've done in the neighborhood have been very COVID-19 forward and COVID-related," said Hayden. "This one's more of just bringing make believe and fantasy and just a calmness perhaps."

The artists saying they appreciate the work, and sharing their vision for all to see.

"You know, I hope that the work that I do uplifts someone, you know," said Hayden. "Makes someone's day."

One prominent muralist in San Francisco said he hasn't been commissioned to paint a quarantine mural yet, but he says he's happy to see more art popping up around town.

He says he wants to be sure the artists are compensated for their work, and he said once the quarantine is lifted a lot of this art could be removed from public view, he's hoping for more permanent public art in the city.