Bay Area churches are live streaming Good Friday and Easter services

All across the nation and here in the Bay Area, churches are offering services via the internet, either live-streaming or with taped sermons for Good Friday and Easter Sunday. 

Faith leaders and their congregations are coping with challenging times. 

Bishop Keith Clark heads up three churches in the Bay Area including Word Assembly in East Oakland. His father is suffering from COVID-19 and fighting for his life.

"The ambulance came to get him from the house and I had to stand across the street because of the virus," said 72 year-old Johnnie Clark, a minister in Oakland.

The good news is his father was taken off the ventilator Wednesday after ten days in the hospital and is improving.  

For Clark, Easter Sunday means renewed hope. "No matter how bad Friday is, Sunday morning is on its way," said Clark. 

He said faith is what will get people through these difficult times. 

"We're putting our faith into action," said Clark. 

Faith into action for him means bringing Easter services to the community via Facetime. 

The church is empty physically, but words of hope will be offered through a taped sermon shown on the internet.  

One man says it's important to have Easter services, even without being in a church.  

"Hopefully keeps our heads up you know. They're a lot of hurt going on right now," said James Vaughn of Oakland.  

The celebration of Easter has Clark's assistant pastor DeMorea "Truckie" Evans  and a volunteer assembling 200 free Easter baskets. Families will be able to drive by and pick them up, with social distancing. 

"You can't be in the presence of one another and assembling with one another. Fellowship with one another but by spirit and being able to connect and through social media. You can interact," said Evans. 

Single mother Reako Lewis found out about the Easter baskets through social media and will be receiving them for her children.

"Due to the times that we're in, it gives something for the kids to be happy about. Let them know that Easter is still here," said Lewis.

For Clark, Easter represents hope as his father fights to recover from the coronavirus.

"No matter how rough it gets, hold on to your faith because if you can keep your faith. The faith will keep you," said Clark. 

Faith leaders tell KTVU this Easter Sunday holds a special meaning. It's a reminder that you don't need a building for people to come together, and that this holiday is something to look forward to more than ever before.