Being alone on Thanksgiving can still have us saying thanks

There are many memories associated with family on Thanksgiving, but some of us find ourselves alone this year by choice or circumstance. That doesn’t mean, however, that it can’t be a terrific day of thanks.

Mom’s sweet potato pie and stuffing isn’t all of what Thanksgiving is about. It is about giving and being thankful. Try helping out at a local food bank, shelter, or other volunteer work to be with others and make someone else’s day. It’s a bonafide way to put things in perspective and truly be thankful for your life and forget about the inconsequential things that have been keeping you up at night. They may not be family, but your generosity will surely make your family proud.

Conversely some take the “this isn’t Thanksgiving” approach, and go all out by staying away from anything that reminds them of Thanksgiving. If that’s the case, it can be a great time to catch up on things we haven’t had time for. Cleaning the home or continuing a hobby can be good for the soul, and working out or getting a massage can have your body saying “thank you”.

If we are going to be alone, it’s a perfect opportunity to travel. With no family or invites to a feast, you have no attachments and reason for staying put. Embrace it and get out of town to somewhere you haven’t had time to. This helps you out of the holiday mindset and what you might be missing back home. If you can’t travel, make a minor excursion to the movies or to a nearby park. You can take a healthy hike,or just pig out on popcorn instead of turkey. It could be the break your mind so desperately needs.

Thanksgiving comes every year, but our situations change. Sometimes change is what we need to make a difference in our lives or others’. You never know what you’ll find when you go off the beaten path. Watch the video to see how an accidental text turned into a Thanksgiving dinner for two complete strangers.