Berkeley 8th grader robbed, injured while riding bike

A Berkeley eighth grader is recovering from her injuries and said she no longer wants to ride her bike, after robbers stole her belongings as she was riding her bike home after school. The theft happened Friday. The teenager had just finished her first week of school.

Just after 5 p.m., the 14-year-old was leaving a friend's house near Willard Middle School in Berkeley when  a car suddenly pulled up next to her at the intersection of Russell and Wheeler. It's less than a mile from her home.

"The front passenger rolled down and an arm reached out and picked up my backpack which was in my basket the front of my bike and the car hit me," said Kassiopeia O'Melay.

Kassiopeia was knocked off her bike. She ended up with scrapes on her hand, elbows and knee as well as road rash on her shoulders. The thieves stole stole her backpack with all her school supplies, I-Pod and epi-pens.

"I was so shocked when it happened," said Kassiopeia. "I just didn't believe it at first."

Neighbor Jennie Bertone helped the young girl. She lives on the street designated a "Bike Boulevard" in Berkeley which is safe for bike traffic. Bertone said she's seen adults get mugged but never a child.

"It's pretty horrific," said Bertone. "Both my husband and I were pretty shaken up through the rest of the day just thinking what is going on?"

Kassiopeia's father said the bike was handed down by her grandmother. Her backpack was full of Kassieopeia's first batch of school supplies since she's always been homeschooled.

"We aren't really wealthy so she had amassed a lot of these little treasures that were hers in her backpack that was going to be for her first year of school," said Karl O'Melay.

The family is hoping a neighbor's surveillance video that was given to police will provide clues and ultimately, the suspects will get caught. Kassiopeia hopes by sharing her story that everyone, including children, will be more alert.

"It sort of shows people what is going on, this is happening and to be careful," said Kassiopeia.