Berkeley half marathon sees thousands of racers

Thousands of racers made their mark in the East Bay Sunday morning for the Berkeley half-marathon.

There were road closures, some traffic delays, and crowds of supporters.

The race route included Telegraph Avenue the Cal campus and the Fourth Street District.

Courtney Winterbauer of San Carlos-- who won the women's side-- shared her race prep.

"I worked an event; Sports Basement is actually a sponsor for this race, I worked the event. And then I picked up my bibb and went straight back home and stayed up too late. Ate junk food and went to bed around midnight. Didn't sleep well and woke up about 4:30. That's how you train," she said.

The Berkeley half-marathon started in 2013 and prides itself on being a celebration of a community where runners are united by their dedication and their love of the sport.