Berkeley jewelry store robbed of at least $500K in goods

Another Bay Area jewelry store was hit by smash-and-grab robbers — this time in Berkeley.

Surveillance video shows one robber walking by himself to Bombay Jewelry Company near University and San Pablo avenues shortly after 2 p.m. Saturday.

There's an outer security door and buzzer, and employees wouldn't let him in because he had a hoodie on. 

But then he took his hoodie off, and they buzzed him in.


VIDEO: Brazen robbery and assault in Oakland caught on camera

Police are searching for the victims seen in a brazen assault and robbery in Oakland that was caught on camera, according to the Oakland Police Department.

That's when he held the door open, allowing six other masked, hooded and gloved intruders to run inside, armed with guns and sledgehammers.

They broke windows in the security area and kicked their way into the store.

They smashed display cases and held the owner and several workers at gunpoint, drivers on University Avenue honked at the robbers' cars that were double-parked on the street.

The robbers spent a little more than a minute inside before running back out with at least half a million dollars in jewelry.

They left in a black Honda Civic and a gray Dodge Charger.

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