Bill Clinton campaigns in Bay Area for Hillary

Former President Bill Clinton took to the stage in front of a very welcoming crowd at the Joseph Lee Recreation Center in San Francisco's Bayview District.  

"You can feel the energy in the crowd, you can feel it. You can tell that everyone was excited to hear him speak," said Rebekah Kouy-Ghadosh of San Francisco. 

It was his final campaign stop on behalf of his wife, Hillary Clinton, who has her eyes on the White House come November. 

On the eve of California's Presidential Primary, Mr. Clinton gave five stump speeches all over the Bay Area.

"So tomorrow California will have a chance to say, ‘Here we are, America's most diverse state. Here we are America's future state’," Clinton said.  The former president started his day at a rally on the steps of Hayward's City Hall, before moving on to events at Oakland's Fox Theater, Antioch and Richmond. However, it wasn't until Clinton came to San Francisco that his wife was announced as the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate, a topic Clinton answered only to KTVU.  

"Millions of Americans still have to vote and we can think about that later. We have to get through the California election," says Clinton.  He said it's his job to keep bringing in the votes until the polls close Tuesday. Because Mrs. Clinton still has a lot of work to do battling her Democratic challenger. 

"Bernie Sanders, he's hot. But Hillary will be the president.”

"I'm going to be voting for the first time this year. So I'm super excited,” said Hillary supporter Manu Barbhakar of Berkeley. 

Clinton said he thoroughly enjoyed his trip to the Bay Area.  A place he said is very diverse and a place that the rest of the county could model itself after. 

"When you look here, you see basically the potential of America; where people believe that the future is possible. Where they actually believe you can achieve shared prosperity," said Clinton. 

Absent from the Bay Area was presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.  Although it appears he is a shoe in for the nomination. Some Republicans say he's still needed in California. 

"He has a lot of work to do in convincing both main stream Republicans, and also mainstream Californians that he's the right man for the job, so definitely he should be out here," said San Francisco Republican Chairman Jason Clark. 

On Tuesday the San Francisco GOP party will hold a primary watch party inside Twitter headquarters, although the company has no affiliation to the event.