Bison gores California woman at Yellowstone National Park

A Santa Rosa woman was gored by a bison at Yellowstone National Park, the fourth wildlife-related injury at the park this month.

The park identified the woman as 59-year-old Kim Hancock of Santa Rosa. She was taken to the hospital with a hip injury and was in good condition, the park said.

On Wednesday, the park said in a statement that Hancock and a crowd of people got closer than 15 feet from the bison at the Lower Geyser Basin, causing the animal to become "agitated and it charged the crowd," the bison said.

A safe distance is at least 75 feet, the park stressed. "Give animals space," the park said.

On Sunday and again Tuesday, a female elk with a calf injured two women near a Yellowstone hotel. Park officials weren't sure if it was the same elk. In early May, a bison rammed and slightly injured a woman.

Last year, there was one bison-related injury and there were five such incidents in 2015.