Body discovered almost 12 hours after fatal hit-and-run on Highway 4

Contra Costa CHP is asking for the public's help finding a hit-and-run driver who killed a 63-year-old Antioch man.

The man was walking Friday evening, just after dark, on westbound Highway 4 on the edge of Discovery Bay, west of Regatta Drive.  

"It's a tragic loss of life no matter how you look at it, because everyone who knows this person is affected," said officer Brandon Correia.

The man's identity has not been disclosed, as family notifications have not yet been made. 

"Since we don't have the driver, we don’t know if the driver knew the victim, or why the victim was out there, so there are a lot of unanswered questions," said Correia. 

A driver spotted the man's body on the shoulder and reported it at about 7 am Saturday morning. By that time, he had been lying there almost 12 hours.  

"He was in brush so nobody could actually see him until the morning," said Alyssa Crosby, 15, whose family farm is directly across from the crash. 

Alyssa and her mom heard a loud noise from inside their home at about 8:30 Friday night, but couldn't determine what it was. 

"It was a really really loud bang,” said Alyssa. “I said, 'Mom, I think one of our animals got hit.’”

The two went outside and looked, even drove around, but after a half-hour gave up, finding nothing. Only when CHP and paramedics swarmed the highway, did they realize the noise had been someone being hit steps from their door.  

"There's no way they didn't know they hit somebody," said mother Rochele Lopez. “Because the sound inside was like someone hit our house or fence, so for them to keep driving was very intentional."  

From debris at the scene, CHP has narrowed the suspect’s vehicle to a Toyota Tundra pick-up truck, or Toyota Sequoia SUV, model year 2002 to 2006. 

It might also be a Lexus SUV of the same age, since Toyota and Lexus are the same maker. No word on the vehicle's color, but would have significant right front damage, including a headlight that is broken or missing.

"This damage is massive on the front right area," said Officer Correia. “If you know of this vehicle, or this is you, do the right thing, turn yourself in, take responsibility."

For the family that was inadvertently on top of the tragedy, but didn't know it, the outcome is haunting. 

"Just so sad, the worst thing that could happen," said teenager Alyssa. 

"Waking up and knowing someone was out there all night, that was heartbreaking", agreed her mom. 

Tips can be made to 1-800-TELLCHP or by calling the Contra Costa office in Martinez at (925) 626-4980.