Brave mini pig confronts black bear to protect farm animals on Vancouver Island

A courageous mini pig named Barbie Q took on a black bear to defend her fellow animals at a Vancouver Island farm on Sunday, June 18.

The dramatic encounter was captured by the farm's security cameras as the black bear slowly approached Barbie Q.

In the footage, the pig patiently waits until she is snout-to-snout with the bear before charging at it, causing the startled bear to quickly retreat. Meanwhile, other animals on the farm are seen scurrying to hide behind a small hut during the confrontation.

Farm owner Crystal Walls told Storyful that she was vacationing in the United States when her house sitter informed her that the animals were "acting off."

Upon returning home and reviewing the security footage, Walls discovered Barbie Q's fearless actions.

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"She was fierce and didn't back down, and the bear motioned after the encounter [for her to] 'relax'," Walls said.