California Academy of Sciences opens doors to those impacted by wine country fires

California Academy of Sciences is opening its doors today as a free, safe place for families directly impacted by the North Bay fires.

The offer extends to the residents of Napa and Sonoma counties as well as other individuals impacted by the Tubbs and Atlas fires.

The California Academy of Sciences posted on its Facebook page, "Dear residents of Napa, Sonoma, and other areas directly impacted by the Tubbs and Atlas fires: We’re here as a free, safe place to get you and your family out of the smoke during the day. If you’re able to travel, simply check in at our ticket counters-and please help us spread the word. Our thoughts are with all those affected."

When asked on its Facebook page if residents of Mendocino and Lake counties were included in this offer, California Academy of Sciences responded, "We're leaving it up to residents to determine whether they're among those directly impacted. If you feel you are, come on over."

One woman wrote on the Facebook page that she had been evacuated and was planning to take California Academy of Sciences up on this offer.