Caltrans project set to rid Woodside Road of all street parking for bike lanes

Small business owners in Redwood City are frustrated over a new project starting this month that would rid Woodside Road of street parking to make way for cyclists. 

The project is set to replace parking with bike lanes, something business owners say there's not enough demand for. 

Instead, Setareh Novisky, the owner of Rehreh Threads & Goods, a clothing boutique, says it could hit business hard. 

"Anyone who can jump on a bike and come here to any of the businesses on Woodside Rd., those are the demographics I think about," Novisky said.

KTVU spoke with customers to ask them if in fact a lack of parking could or would keep them away. Will Maroun, a former small business owner who was enjoying a burger at Woodside Roadhouse on Saturday afternoon said it could. 

"I park about a block up," Maroun said. "If they take away that parking I don't know where im going to park, Im going to have to park in someone else's space illegally I guess."

But, as frustrating as it may be, business owners can voice concerns to the city, but their hands are tied. 

Caltrans and the State of California are in charge of the project since Woodside Rd. is a part of State Route 84, making it state jurisdiction. 

"Redwood city can have their opinions but from what they have indicated they don't have a say in what will happen," Novisky said. 

As an alternative, business owners suggested a crosswalk to put in, which is exactly what Caltrans plans on doing. The project plans call for safety enhancements like high visibility crosswalks. 

"I just hope that they're thinking of the small businesses that are all along Woodside Rd., not just our block," Novisky said. 


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