Redwood City approves temporary ordinance prohibiting gun shops

Redwood City’s city council was asked via petition with 1,500 signatures, to implement a temporary ordinance to keep a gun shop from opening, particularly in a residential area. Those who support a gun shop say they just want to be able to protect themselves and their families as crime rates continue to rise.

Bear escapes after destroying an SUV while trapped for hours

A Peninsula woman got the surprise of her life when a bear came running out of her SUV while she was on a weekend getaway in Gold Country. She said the animal spent six or seven hours trapped in her SUV before it escaped back into nature.

Scott Peterson hearing to decide whether convicted killer gets new trial

Scott Peterson's trial attorney missed an opportunity to grill a California juror who eventually helped send him to death row for murdering his pregnant wife and unborn child, his appellate lawyer conceded Thursday while arguing the former fertilizer salesman deserves a new trial because of juror misconduct.