Owner claims 'pirates' pillaged unoccupied sailboat, ship drifts to Baker Beach from Sausalito

San Francisco fire officials say a small vessel broke free from the Sausalito area and ended up at San Francisco Baker Beach. The boat, dubbed ‘Lorelei’, was seen from the beach on Monday afternoon. 

U.S. Park Police said their officers responded to the unoccupied roughly 30-foot sailboat at around 8:30 a.m. Officials said a salvage company was working on arrangements to remove the boat. 

The ship's owner, Chris Escalante, claimed "pirates" pillaged the vessel and cut the line, causing the boat to drift away.

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Boat drifts from Richardson Bay to SF's Baker Beach. 

"Last night my boat was vandalized. Piracy is what we're assuming," said Escalante. He said the boat was pillaged one night earlier. "Within 72 hours, my boat was vandalized." 

He said solar panels were stolen and other personal possessions he valued at around $2,000 were taken from his boat. 

Escalante said he's a new sailor and that he couldn't get a tow for his boat, claiming he'd paid for registration and insurance. He said his boat was anchored at Richardson Bay just north of the Golden Gate Bridge before it was cut free. He said he was doing what he could to salvage the boat and that the ship was his temporary residence.