CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Car narrowly misses two pedestrians

A truck driver caught a very close call for some pedestrians who were nearly taken out by an erratic driver who went off the road.

Howard Salmon has been driving trucks for 32 years. He thought he'd seen it all until a trip to Sarasota.

"He was just in a big old hurry. He just wanted to get around. He didn't want to wait," said Salmon.

The incident in Sarasota was recorded Sunday morning as the truck driver was leaving Lido Key and approaching the bridge.

The video shows a car, unable to get around the cars in the right and left lanes, leaving the roadway and going onto the grass to get around the cars. The car narrowly misses the two pedestrians as it travels around them and back into the roadway toward the bridge.

"They were just shaken. You could just see the lady she couldn't believe what happened. They were looking all around," he said.

Salmon said he got the driver's license tag number and called the Sarasota Police Department right away and showed them the video.v Officers identified the driver as Robert Nugent. He was charged with Reckless driving. Sarasota County court records show this is his second reckless driving charge.

In 2013 he was pulled over in nearly the exact location for speeding and weaving in and out of lanes.

"I don't see how he was trying to avoid an accident by going around on the shoulder. I don't see how that would fend. If he would have waited about 5 seconds later he could have passed that car in my lane with no problem," said Salmon.

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This is an area that walkers, runners and bicyclists use a lot. Scott Bachman walked the same path as the pedestrians in the video.

"There is no way in heck you can go in the grass like that. He wasn't even trying to avoid anything he was just trying to get around," he said.

He can't believe the two are okay after seeing the video.

"Very lucky. I would have just let everything out. I would have been done," said Bachman.

Nugent told FOX 13 he had no comment. Sarasota Police are looking for the two pedestrians in the video. If you know who they are contact Sarasota Police Officer Jason Frank at 941-364-7370.