Cautiously optimistic Bay Area families say stress stays with threat of Gov't. shutdown 3 weeks away

Coast Guard families in Alameda said they’re relieved the federal government will temporarily reopen, but they’re also nervous another government shutdown could be on the horizon.

President Trump announced Friday he would reopen the government for three weeks while Republicans and Democrats work out a deal on border security. Trump said if a deal is not reached by Feb. 15, the government could shut down again or he could declare a national emergency.

Anja Cangemi, President of the East Bay Coast Guard Spouses’ Club, said she wants to see a long term solution rather than a temporary fix.

“It still hasn’t relieved any of the stress,” Cangemi said, “It’s just kind of putting the stress on the backburner for now.
Donations for Coast Guard families are still pouring in at locations in Alameda like The Local, a coffee shop owned by Otto Wright.

“It’s great news. I'm actually thrilled that it happened,” Wright said. “Just hopeful that something is going to get worked out over the course of the next three weeks.”

Claudia Perkins donated tea and gift cards, even after she heard the president’s announcement.

“If we're going to keep using employees as pawns in a debate that unwinnable I don't know how families or individuals are expected to survive like that,” she said.

The East Bay Coast Guard Spouses’ Club said they’re looking forward to their spouses receiving back pay, but their families will still set aside money in case a deal isn’t reached by February 15th.

“It's been hard this time missing almost two paychecks and I can't imagine doing this all over again,” Danielle Manor, a EBCGSC member, said.