CHP detains riders on motorcycles, ATV's reportedly driving erratically on Bay Bridge

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California Highway Patrol officers chased down a group of people on all-terrain vehicles, dirt bikes, and motorcycles who were spotted driving erratically on the Bay Bridge on Sunday.

The CHP posted photos of officers seizing the vehicles after they tracked down the riders. 

Officers say they saw at least 30 motorcyclists and ATV riders driving recklessly in the eastbound direction on the bridge, at about 6 pm on Sunday night.

Officers eventually caught up with them near 103rd Ave. in Oakland.

The CHP arrested a woman and detained several other people.

A KTVU viewer, Alex Miranda-Zermeno, posted a video on our Facebook page yesterday, showing several motorcyclists and ATV riders doing "wheelies" in the westbound direction of the Bay Bridge.

Eventually a CHP officer is seen pulling behind the group, but it is unclear if that officer was able to stop any of the riders.

There is no word if the incident shown in the video involved the same group detained in Oakland on Sunday night.