CHP searching for person throwing rocks at cars on I-680 in San Jose

Dramatic video shows a man throwing two large rocks, striking a passing car. And authorities suspect this may not be an isolated incident. It happened on Interstate 680 near the Berryessa exit. 

Li Deng actually feels fortunate the accident wasn't worse and that she didn't get seriously injured.
But the person responsible is still out there. And she's worried that the next driver who gets hit might not be so lucky.

Deng has a dash mounted camera in her car and she's glad she does. Otherwise, she might never have known what really shattered her windshield Sunday.

The video shows two rocks flying toward her car, thrown by a man standing on the shoulder.

Deng says, "Suddenly like bomb. And I saw my windshield cracked and we don't know what going on because my mom and me are so traumatized."

It happened as she exited Interstate 680 at Berryessa.

One rock dented the hood of her SUV.The other struck the driver's side of the windshield, sending glass everywhere.

Deng says, "But my body and face, like everywhere is full of glasses, even in my mouth."

Deng was mostly unhurt, and able to pull over.She then called 911 and CHP, who responded to the scene.

Authorities say they are taking this very seriously. Posts on social media indicate there may be other victims. But none, besides Deng, have filed formal reports with CHP.

Officer Ross Lee with CHP says, "Other people had also said that something similar had happened to them in that area, the area of 680 and Berryessa. What we don't have are corresponding log entries."

Investigators made a second trip to the scene today. And Caltrans crews went out too, looking for any homeless encampments in the area.

But the video gives few clues as to who did this, showing only a blurry man in a white shirt.

Deng says, "Some people are assuming they're homeless or kids. I don't really know."

Still Deng said it was important to come forward, as a warning to others to be vigilant.

She says, "This is a real person that is doing this on purpose to the public. So I want people to be alert so this won't happen again to any other innocent people."