Comcast outage affecting customers nationwide

Comcast is responding to a nationwide outage that's affecting thousands of its television and internet customers Monday morning.

Comcast official outage map on their website shows affected customers in the Bay Area, Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston, Seattle, Atlanta, Baltimore, Jacksonville, Boston, Washington, DC, and Fort Lauderdale.

Comcast released the following statement, "we’re continuing to investigate what appears to be a temporary network interruption that impacted some of our services (Monday) morning.  Our engineers have been working on this and services are starting to be restored. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused our customers."

A lot of people are tweeting that they can't reach customer service.

According to Comcast's website, the outage reports began at 7:20 a.m. PT and within an hour they peaked with 446 outage reports. 

While some internet outages have been reported, the majority of reports appear to center around cable channels being unavailable.

We checked out Comcast box at KTVU and noticed that the local channels were available, but extended cable channels were not.

Several KTVU staffers reported the same issues with their home cable boxes.

Hundreds of people have also posted about this outage on social media.

Click here to see the live outage map and to report your service disruption.

KTVU will continue to monitor this developing story and bring you details as they become available.