Common Sense Media's Darri Stephens on educating teens about 'sexting'

A small town high school in Colorado and two schools on Long Island are now in the national spotlight in the wake of student sexting.

On Long Island, two 14-year-old boys were charged after one recorded video of the other having sex with a girl.

That video was then shared with others and now as many as 20 students at a neighboring school have been suspended for viewing the video on their smartphones or sending copies to friends.

In Colorado, some 100 students had been trading naked selfies in a so-called "sexting ring".

Authorities say students as young as 8th graders were included. According to reports, it appears the football team was at the heart of the sexting ring and the team was forced to forfeit its final game of the season.

Senior director of Education Content for Common Sense Media Darri Stephens recently spoke to Keba Arnold on the KTVU News at 4 about the consequences of sexting and how parents can educate their children and keep them from making such mistakes.